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Tag: docker

Docker – just do it.

boot2dockerLots have been said in praise of docker. I agree with all most often named advantages, but I think one is really neglected to be named. Or maybe it is so obvious that I am the only guy who thinks it should be named explicitly. What can that be? As soon as you get basic docker skills your entry barrier to learn new trendy technology gets decimated. For every Redis, Mongo,, EventStore, Kafka, .Net Core, Ruby, Elixir, R, Python, Clojure and what have you – you can get started in seconds to minutes by delegating environment setup for each of these to docker system. No heavy environment setup, no missing dependencies, no accidental co-modification, no problems if your machine needs to reinstall OS – just pure engagement with what you actually want to do. And once you get there every taken step encourages you to take two more.

I’m by no means docker expert, but it has changed my professional life so much, that I promised myself that I will share some examples just of sheer gratitude.

Disclaimer: I will not explain what docker is and what is it used for. This is not description of what docker is, it’s a entry level tutorial for people who know that already and now want to try it out.

Part 1 shows how to get docker running on windows machine.