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CKEditor’s file manager and deleting files

FCKEditor's file manager with deleting filesFCKEditor is retired, but still widely used in many web applications. One of its great features is file manager that can be both invoked from editor or be used by itself. One of most painful limitations that this built-in file manager has is inability to delete files. But, as it turned out, it’s not a hard task to implement this functionality on Your own. In this post I’ll demonstrate how to do it in application(client-part is applicable for any other server-side framework).


Form my first real post I want to present a screen casts of web applications that I’ve made for my master’s thesis. The system is called JSImpress(stands form JavaScript Image Presenatation System), I’ve focused mostly on interface, witch is completely JavaScript-based, inspired by Photoshop’s interface. Generally it was an attempt to achieve PS-like user experience in web standards based application(no canvas element used).

What JSImpress does? It lets you create and publish a document presenting images-based content in a new, interactive way. For example it can be used to show phases of image painting process, end-user(viewer) can easily see how scratch has been filled up witch colors and then details, focusing on particular area of interest. See for yourself.

[yframe url=’’]

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m glad that you found my blog and hope you’ll like it. Few standard Q&A for a good start:

Who am I?

My name is Kamil Posiadała, I’m coder/designer from Poland (Lublin City). I’m MEng in computer science (Lublin University of Technology), currently (january 2011) I’m working at K2 Internet as a c#/asp developer and studying management(at Lublin University of Technology). I’m 25.

Why am I starting this blog?

  • To share knowleadge. Thats just feels right.
  • To gain knowleagde form others (hopefully some discussion and remarks will apear among comments).
  • To improve my written English skils (so if you spot any mistake please draw my attention to it by pointing it in a comment).
  • To let you know that if you are looking for someone like me I may be avilable for hire. Feel welcome to contact me.

What will I focus on?

This blog is mainly about coding, especially web coding, both server side (c#/.NET , php, perhaps other languages like RubyOnRails in future), and client side (JavaScript, mayby some ActionScript will occure occasionally).