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Tag: training

[Freebee][DE] Happiness index graphics

Happiness Index in ControlExpertAt my workplace we’re collectively trying to change the stuff for the better. Our management is flexible enough to give a try to some of our ideas. Therefore few days ago we got first consultancy session from Holger Koschek, whom I got to know at XPDays2014 (awesome conference btw). As one of the results of this meeting we’ve introduced our own version of happiness index. It gives a possibility directly show what is the reception of decisions and processes going around. This results in very short feedback loop.
Happiness Index

Of course this changes nearly nothing by itself. But this will be our yard stick for employee satisfaction in upcoming months (or maybe longer).
Regardless of our future success or failure with it, Holger, who authored the graphics, had nothing against me sharing them with rest of the world. Neither did my boss, so here it is, use as pleased. Do-what-you-want licensing applies.

Download Happiness Index Graphics