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Day: February 5, 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m glad that you found my blog and hope you’ll like it. Few standard Q&A for a good start:

Who am I?

My name is Kamil Posiadała, I’m coder/designer from Poland (Lublin City). I’m MEng in computer science (Lublin University of Technology), currently (january 2011) I’m working at K2 Internet as a c#/asp developer and studying management(at Lublin University of Technology). I’m 25.

Why am I starting this blog?

  • To share knowleadge. Thats just feels right.
  • To gain knowleagde form others (hopefully some discussion and remarks will apear among comments).
  • To improve my written English skils (so if you spot any mistake please draw my attention to it by pointing it in a comment).
  • To let you know that if you are looking for someone like me I may be avilable for hire. Feel welcome to contact me.

What will I focus on?

This blog is mainly about coding, especially web coding, both server side (c#/.NET , php, perhaps other languages like RubyOnRails in future), and client side (JavaScript, mayby some ActionScript will occure occasionally).